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About Us

Own Your Labs is a service we’ve set up in partnership participating clinicians.

A portion of proceeds of Own Your Labs go to the Citizen Science Foundation (CSF), a fully qualified 501(c)(3) Public Charity seeking to advance “Citizen Science”.

In the last few years we were getting labs frequently for the benefit of our citizen research. But many have asked if we could connect them to these services so they could order labs for themselves. Given we were already doing “Blood Testing Drives” to help gather more anonymized data for the benefit of our community, we decided to combine both of these endeavors into one service:

  1. Provide a service where people can get their blood tests taken privately
  2. Allow for a further discount with those who opt in to share their anonymized data to help advance science
  3. Share back the anonymized data from those who choose to opt in to benefit professional researchers and citizen scientists alike

Dave Feldman

Managing Director

Dave oversees the partner network, business structure, and develops the OYL platform

For nearly five years, Dave has done a large number of experiments that required frequent labs. As of this writing, there have been 130 blood draws to support his experiments. Needless to say, he’s had a lot of first hand experience with the process.

Siobhan Huggins

Operation Manager

Siobhan oversees all operations of OYL, from order fulfillment to customer relations

Like Dave, Siobhan has done a great deal of research herself over the past several years, including several experiments, utilizing high frequency testing, that have helped to clarify the dynamic nature of the lipid system and how it can be impacted by changes in metabolism.