Anon Data Collection

  • Please enter your height in cm or feet and inches.
  • Please enter your current weight in pounds or kilos.
  • Please select the option that currently best describes your body type.
  • Please select the option that best describes your current weight status
  • Enter the hours you intend to be water-only fasted for the blood draw. "Water-only" means no coffee, tea, food, or anything other than water and electrolytes.
  • This would also include adding e.g. tallow to broth, or other drinkable liquids.
  • Please select the option that best describes the diet you will be following leading up to the blood test. Note if you'd like to add specifics, you can do so in the "additional notes" section at the bottom of the form.
  • E.g. hiking, HIIT, weight lifting, resistance training, running. Feel free to also include frequency per week. If no regular exercise, put down "sedentary".
  • Have anything else you'd like to share? Doing an experiment? Feel free to put anything else relevant here.