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Also known as: 

  • GBinsight Nutritional Genomics Comprehensive Test

This next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based genetic test analyzes 126 genes relevant to 22 diet and nutrition-related traits. Includes DNA-based diet and nutrition recommendations for modifiable cardiometabolic diseases, nutrient deficiencies, and food intolerances. NGS allows for the genetic analysis of single nucleotide variants, short insertion/deletions and large genomic deletions/duplications. More details

Some of the genes tested include (but are not limited to):

  • ACE
  • FADS1
  • FTO
  • GCKR
  • LPL
  • NOS

See “Genes” tab on GBinsight page for a full list of genes tested and additional information.

This test requires a test kit be shipped, please ensure a valid address is provided at checkout so the test kit can be received. See GBinsight landing page for more information.