Renal Panel (10)


Fasting recommended (see description for details). A renal panel is a group of tests that may be performed together to evaluate kidney (renal) function.

Please note some items tested on the Renal Panel are also tested via the Basic Metabolic Panel (8)Electrolyte Panel, and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (14) (see description on individual product pages for more information to avoid redundant test ordering).

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Preparation instructions: Fasting for 12 hours prior to blood draw recommended

Results included are:

  • Albumin, serum
  • BUN (Bun Urea Nitrogen)
  • BUN:creatinine ratio
  • Calcium, serum
  • Carbon dioxide, total
  • Chloride, serum
  • Creatinine, serum
  • Glucose, serum
  • Phosphorus, serum
  • Potassium, serum
  • Sodium, serum