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Hello everyone – welcome to Own Your Labs

We’ve long been getting our blood testing a bit cheaper than most through connections with Labcorp and we’re looking to make this available to everyone else as well.

More importantly, we’re seeking to incentivize participants to add their anonymized data to our shared data pool. This dataset is made available to the community and researchers who can perform their own analysis against it to help us advance this Citizen Science. Thus, we provide a discount to our regular price if you opt in to share your blood markers along with general anonymous demographic information. As of this writing, we’ve accumulated over 100 who have volunteered such data and we hope to be well over 1,000 by the summer of 2021!

Or of course, you can opt out and pay normal price, which is still exceptionally low if you compare us to other online services.

For the foreseeable future, all proceeds go to the CitizenScienceFoundation.org. This may ultimately change in time – and if so, we’ll let everyone know.

Feel free to reach out to Siobhan directly at shuggins@OwnYourLabs.com if you have any questions. And if you’d prefer a more mature platform that’s been in business longer, here are some other sites you might be interested in: Direct Labs, Ulta Lab Tests, Walk-In Lab.

Dave Feldman

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Admin Note: Due to services relying on testing at LabCorp, testing must be done in the United States at an available LabCorp office.